This is the Story Structure System that I used to create 19 Romance Novels which have sold 1.4 million copies in 23 languages worldwide.

Learn how to outline your novel like a professional, saving you hundreds of hours in time that you would otherwise have to spend rewriting draft after draft, and filling in plot holes.

  • Develop engaging characters that readers will love
  • Bring those characters to life on the page
  • Use a 6-Step Writing Process to combine your unique Story Idea with the compelling characters you have created
  • Plan out your entire romance novel using Emotional Story Maps - without losing your spark and motivation

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Video #1

How to use a simple Six-Step Process to Plan any Romance novel

Forget procrastination: Use this six-step formula to focus on the essential elements of any romance: the story situation and two main characters.

Video #2

How to break down the Emotional Character Arcs into Four Stages

The Emotional Story Map of the romance is going to be built up from the series of choices the hero and the heroine make under pressure. That’s why each story will be unique.

Video #3

How to Build on what you have learnt after writing the Opening Scenes

Use the Emotional Story Maps of your characters to outline all four stages of their romance journey and sketch out the main waypoints and scenes from start to resolution.

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